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World Literature

Objective of this course is to instruct students in the 3 basic language arts skills: grammar, composition, and literature.  Grammar introduces basal parts for student understanding and expression.  Composition deals with sentence and paragraph development. (i.e. description, comparison, contrast, examples).  Literature helps the student understand and differentiate between various literacy expressions.

Unit One: World Myths and Folktales
World Myths and Folktales

Unit Two: The African Literary Tradition
African Literature

Unit Three: The Ancient Middle East
The Literature of Ancient Mesopotamia
Hebrew Literature

Unit Four: Greek and Roman Literatures
Greek Literature
Roman Literature

Unit Five: Indian Literature
Indian Literature

Unit Six: Chinese and Japanese Literatures
The Literature of China
The Literature of Japan

Unit Seven: Persian and Arabic Literatures
Persian and Arabic Literatures

Unit Eight: The Middle Ages
The Middle Ages

Unit Nine: From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment
Renaissance Literature
Literature of the Enlightenment

Unit Ten: The Nineteenth Century:Romanticism to Realism
The Nineteenth Century

Unit Eleven: Modern and Contemporary World Literature
The Twentieth Century and Beyond
The Americas
Africa and the Middle East