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This is our first week and students in Outdoor Science are staying indoors preparing and learning about ecology, biodiversity, botany, and how to be an observer of nature. We took our first field trip to Union County State Park on Friday, June 30th. We have no photos because we forgot the disk for the digital camera. Below are some photos of what was collected. There is also a chart of the results of our water testing of the creek that runs through the park.


           Green Dogbane Beetle

Mullien leaf  Other plants collected and indenified

The students collected plants and identified them using various resources on the internet to verify there identification. 

Click on the following links to learn more about some of the plants we found.

Blue Vervain



The Physical Science class is planning a field trip to the  National Weather Service station in Sioux Falls.The field trip will be on Wednesday, July 12. A NWS meteorologist will conduct the tour of the station and explain the affects of  temperature patterns,weather, electronic instruments, and tracking of storms. The Physical Science class incorporates  the study of weather into  their study  of motion, metrics, light, speed, etc. The students are going to try to stump the meteorologist with a few tough questions about weather.


Look for photos of the NWS field trip coming soon.