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What's Unique About ASPIRE?


ASPIRE is open for classes from 8 A.M. until 1 P.M.. Monday through Friday. Student schedules will allow for a compatible school and work schedule. Students are encouraged to start their school day in the morning in order to work on assignments and get the help necessary they need. Students can stay after 1P.M. only by appointment.

Career Counseling

An in house career counselor assists each student with exploring career options. Students that meet economic guidelines may have opportunity for employment with subsidized income.

Choice of Classes and Academic Counseling

Students are advised and directed to schedule their classes based on graduation requirements. Students are advised to balance the taking or required classes and elective classes. Students receive regular reviews on the status of credits earned and credits needed to graduate. Students are advised to continue their education after graduation and ASPIRE will assist the students in finding a school and/or training experience that meets their needs.

Student Assistance Program

ASPIRE has services of a professional counselor available from Keystone Treatment Center to help provide educational information and counseling on a variety of topics that involve, but are not limited to alcohol, drug abuse, eating disorders and stress. The Student Assistance Professional provides individual counseling and group sessions when needed.

Needs Assessment

ASPIRE will provide as part of the enrollment process a free and confidential needs assessment that will help them identify problems that they may have with drugs, alcohol, stress, family problems, etc. The assessment is conducted by a clinical drug and alcohol counselor who will from the assessment give recommendations that will help the students.


ASPIRE has been providing alternative education services to students and school districts since the spring of 1990 and the staff has thirteen years of combined experience in alternative education. Over 150 students have received assistance in fulfilling their graduation requirements by ASPIRE in the past ten years.

One on One Assistance

Students receive individualized attention on each of their classes and course work. Student work on one subject at a time and the low student to teacher ratio allows for communication between student and instructor.