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(Oral Communications)

  Effective Speech Communication 1994

Student Edition 0-02-659889-2
Teacher's Wraparound Edition 0-02-659894-9
Teacher's Classroom Resources Binder 0-02-659897-3

Help your students to become effective speakers any time, any place, with Effective Speech Communication. This text focuses on the entire communication process - listening, reading, writing, and speaking - so students learn to successfully use speech communication on the job, in their personal relationships, and in any situation they encounter.

bulletAn entire unit on the communication process helps students learn about the ways they communicate with others.


bulletThe four-part format Example, Instruction, Task Performance, and Assessment provides solid reinforcement.


bulletThree activities in each lesson, along with journal activities, vocabulary activities, and Chapter Review activities help students put words into action.


bulletAssessment Checklists give students a chance to evaluate and learn from their own performances and to benefit from peer evaluations.


bulletCommunicating on the Job and Communicating as a Citizen address communication in various social and job-related situations.